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Film Producer Dean Woodford talks to the Mail online about living with a birthmark

Living with a birthmark 

“My birthmark gives me something so many crave after, uniqueness“.

Dean Woodford, Film Producer

This inspirational story ran on the Mail online

Dean Woodford

A former Wiltshire College student has recently finished filming on his big screen debut with the legendary film director Martin Scorsese. Dean Woodford, 31, is a producer on the film called Tomorrow, which explores the difficult reintegration into normal society of battle-worn soldiers. Dean was born with a birthmark and is passionate about encouraging others with birthmarks to pursue their dreams, he is a supporter of the Birthmark Support Group.


Dean said: “Throughout my teens and adult life, I have been called names, stared at and even stabbed with a pencil because of my birthmark. Well these days I am embracing it. My birthmark gives me something so many crave after, uniqueness. You can get all the tattoos, haircuts and clothing you like, but you will never look as unique as myself and others that have one”.


Produced by London based production companies, Roaring Mouse Productions & Studio 82, Tomorrow marks Martin Scorsese’s first ever voyage into British feature film as he takes on an executive producer role. It also heralds the feature film directional debut of Martha Pinson, Scorsese’s long-­‐time script supervisor. Pinson has directed an award winning short film and off-­‐ Broadway plays as well as collaborating with Oliver Stone and Sidney Lumet. She has also worked on Scorsese’s four most-­‐recent narrative films: The Aviator, The Departed, Shutter Island, and Hugo. The script is being penned by Stuart Brennan and Sebastian Street who are producing alongside Dean M. Woodford, while Emma Tillinger Koskoff and Scorsese come on as Executive Producers.



Dean Woodford added: “I am now 31, working in the film industry as a producer, alongside the likes of Martin Scorsese, Stephen Fry and Joss Stone and have two more films coming up. It really doesn’t matter what you look like, just as long as you’re confident looking like you do, as believe me, self confidence shines a hell of a lot brighter than hair extensions and fake tan.”


Stephen Fry (The Hobbit), Stephanie Leonidas (Defiance), Sebastian Street (Age of Heroes), Stuart Brennan (Risen), Sophie Kennedy-­Clark (Nymphomaniac 1 & 2,) who has recently been nominated for a BAFTA for her role in Philomena. James Cosmo, (Braveheart, Games of Thrones), Paul Kaye (Blackball, Game of Thrones) Joss Stone (The Tudors) Ricki Hall and Will Tudor (Game of Thrones) round out the cast of Tomorrow.


Dean is currently working on a graphic Novel, due for release next year.


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