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“The Brave Make”

The Diamond Engagement Ring and Jewellery Made by You for The One

46 Piccadilly, London


The future of diamond jewellery shopping is unveiled this week, as leading retailer, VASHI, opens the doors to its eagerly anticipated concept store in Central London’s Piccadilly. Set across 1500 square feet and two floors, the disruptive new retail concept has turned the traditional jewellery retail model on its head by putting the customer centre-stage for the first ever deeply experiential proposition. Unlike existing diamond retailers, VASHI’s customers are encouraged to get truly hands-on creating their own rings and other jewellery with diamonds of exceptional brilliance and quality but at price levels substantially below equivalent Bond St and even High St pricing.


“By establishing our first concept store, we want to make you the heroes and heroines, the stars of the show, fully immersed in the incredible and hidden world of diamond jewellery, whether for the love of your life or for yourself – the whole experience is about you, not about us”, explains diamond expert Vashi Dominguez, Founder and CEO of the business established as an online retailer over 10 years ago.

“We are all about helping you to recreate the sort of raw, intense and pure emotion and overwhelming love that brought tears of joy to your parents’ eyes as you proudly presented your first love letter to them, drawn at school – a drawing that was of course treasured for life”.

The extent of the VASHI revolution is immediately clear. Its vibrant windows on Piccadilly showcase the magic and dramatic theatre of diamond craftspeople – the Alchemists – at work right alongside customers in a startlingly modern and disruptive store. The store design is unlike anything in the jewellery sector, with an incredibly engaging story line – even the door handle is crafted from exquisite kimberlite, the birthplace of diamonds deep within the Earth’s crust. Conventional practices are bravely debunked, with diamonds openly on display and accessible to customers instead of locked away behind glass. The atmosphere is disarmingly relaxed and friendly.


Vashi Diamonds, 46 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 25 September 2017

“We don’t really want to sell you what is on display – we always prefer you to handpick your own diamond, to play with them while you choose the one that appeals most to you, match this with your favourite setting – or even design it from scratch – and then put your own heart into making your ring, with us as your support crew”, commented Vashi Dominguez.

“Try doing that with existing retailers”, he added.


The VASHI Journey

A team of resident ‘Guardian Angels’1 and ‘Alchemists’2 are on hand to take you through the full sensory experience of “The Brave Make”3 . After honing in on a design and creating a digital mood-board, you get hands-on with dazzling three billion year-old diamonds, every one of which has been specifically selected for its exceptional brilliance by Vashi himself, until you find the perfect one for them.

Then it’s off into the amazing underworld of the VASHI diamond lab, where you sit right alongside your personal Alchemist at their bench as the Alchemist sets to work with state-of-the-art lasers, chemicals and flames to melt and form precious metal to encase your diamond. You are invited to roll up your sleeves and take part in the creation of your ring, polishing and setting your diamond yourself. Every step on your journey to creating this unique ring is captured as a personalised film to share on social, and as an impressive coffee table book to be shared with your loved ones.

Vashi Dominguez concluded: “I love you, I made this for you” will always win over “I love you, I bought this for you” because you have invested heart and soul into creating your own unique and very intimate symbol of your love”.

VASHI is located at 46 Piccadilly and is open 7 days a week.

Instagram @vashiuk



Media information To arrange a visit to the concept store, or for more information, images, clips or interview requests please contact Connor PR:

Siobhan Connor +44 7966 177025

Hayley Hamburg + 447799 714727

Editor’s Notes



Vashi is a leading diamond jewellery multi channel retailer. Based in London but selling worldwide as, the business has grown rapidly over the past 10 years by focussing on on-line customisation of jewellery with diamonds of exceptional brilliance but at accessible pricing. In 2017, Vashi has intensified its special fully-immersive approach to personalisation, opening a ground-breaking concept store at 46 Piccadilly in London, where customers get directly involved hands-on in creating their jewellery, from selecting their own diamond all the way through to setting the gem with the help of the resident Alchemists. Vashi also operates a popup store at 13 Grafton St, just off London’s Bond St. 

1 About The Guardian Angels

The ultimate wingmen and wingwomen for the purchase experience. Vashi Guardian Angels are there to offer a guiding light to the customer, The Hero, taking them through the choices, akin to a personal shopper.


2 About The Alchemist

The Alchemist is the ultra-skilled magician behind the craft that is personalised jewellery – their excellence of craft can bring any idea to life, creating the ultimate expression of love.


3 About The Brave Make

The overarching marketing creative for VASHI focusses on a robust new brand identity: “The Brave Make” and “The One”. Each of these battle cries targets the notion that a gift into which you have invested real personal effort and thought will always trump a comparable gift bought off the shelf, whatever the price.



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  • Study reveals Oxford is the most satisfied city
  • Edinburgh ranks bottom for happiest and satisfied, favouring the words anxious and depressed
  • 33 is the a happiest age
  • Survey reveals forty winks, close friends and enough time with our favourite food and entertainment seem to keep a smile on us all


Its official, Brighton is the happiest city in the UK. In a nationwide survey into the satisfaction of the nation, Brighton and Hove came out as the Happiness Capital, with over a third of the city’s populace choosing the word ‘Happy’ to describe their lives.

At the other end of the scale, just 16 per cent of Edinburgh residents described their lives as ‘Happy’, favouring the words ‘Anxious’ and ‘Depressed’.

As for the city which has the highest level of general life satisfaction, it was Oxford, which came top with a score of 6.72 out of 10, while Edinburgh came bottom once again with an average of 5.89 out of 10. When asked to rate their life satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10 the average Brit gave themselves a middling 6.37 out of 10.


Marketing Director Kerry Collinge, for 9NINE Super Seed brand, who commissioned the study, said: “Brighton residents have found themselves topping our happiest city chart. Maybe it’s the sea air and sunny weather that keeps them smiling!”

Just 1 in 10 Brits rated their life satisfaction at 9 or above (indicating excellent life satisfaction).

The study, which quizzed 3,000 Brits, also looked into the ways we boost our mood and found 3 in 5 look to bed for comfort in hard times, while over half lean on family for support.

43 per cent of those surveyed play their favourite music when they need to raise their spirits, and reading a book proved more popular for boosting our serotonin levels than sex.

Typical British weather is most likely to get us feeling down in the dumps, with 40 per cent claiming that inclement weather has a negative effect on their emotions.

Nearly half of the women polled in the study thought time to relax was important for their well-being, while 35 per cent of men preferred sex as a way to unwind.

When it comes to having a bad day, women are twice as likely as men to be brought down by living in a messy home, with 37 per cent claiming that untidiness has a negative effect on their mood compared to 18 per cent of men.


Most Brits believe that they will be at their happiest at the age of 33, and just over a third believe that their best years are now behind them.


An optimistic fifth think that they are currently having the time of their lives.

When asked to describe how often they feel in a positive mood, 58 per cent said that they are usually happy people, and only 6 per cent said they rarely or never feel happiness. A quarter of Brits describe themselves as anxious, and only 1 in 7 consider themselves a generally confident person.


Women are more likely to describe themselves as anxious, sensitive and loving, while men prefer to describe themselves as confident, happy and proud. Worryingly, 44 per cent of those polled believe that they have experienced a panic attack at one time or another in their lives, and 3 in 5 have suffered from anxiety.


In order to make their lives better, 1 in 6 would like to improve their physical fitness and 16 per cent would like to have more certain financial security.


Marketing Director, Kerry Collinge from 9NINE, who commissioned the study, continued: “Happiness is at the heart of our brand, our study has helped to show that when it comes to the secret of happiness the simple things in life are usually best. Forty winks, close friends and enough time with our favourite food and entertainment seem to keep a smile on the faces of most.”




  1. Brighton and Hove
  2. Leicester
  3. Portsmouth
  4. Newcastle
  5. Oxford
  6. Chelmsford
  7. Norwich
  8. Bristol
  9. London
  10. Cambridge
  11. Manchester
  12. Belfast
  13. Coventry
  14. Cardiff
  15. Birmingham
  16. York
  17. Plymouth
  18. Sheffield
  19. Leeds
  20. Glasgow
  21. Southampton
  22. Liverpool
  23. Edinburgh



  1. Oxford
  2. Bristol
  3. Brighton and Hove
  4. Chelmsford
  5. Leeds
  6. Leicester
  7. Newcastle
  8. Southampton
  9. Manchester
  10. Portsmouth
  11. London
  12. Norwich
  13. Glasgow
  14. Cardiff
  15. Belfast
  16. Liverpool
  17. Coventry
  18. York
  19. Sheffield
  20. Plymouth
  21. Cambridge
  22. Birmingham
  23. Edinburgh


  1. A good night’s rest                           59.57%
  2. Spending time with family              53.40%
  3. Spending time with friends            46.97%
  4. Having downtime to relax               44.40%
  5. Listening to music                           43.27%
  6. Regular exercise                              39.87%
  7. Watch TV/A film                               35.80%
  8. Reading a book                                34.80%
  9. Doing your hobby                            32.33%
  10. Eating your favourite meal                         29.53%



  1. Poor weather                                                40.10%
  2. Having no time to yourself             35.53%
  3. Sitting in traffic                                 32.27%
  4. A heavy workload                            29.90%
  5. Coming home to a messy home   27.70%
  6. Checking the news                         19.93%
  7. Checking your bank statement     19.07%
  8. Using public transport                     13.33%
  9. A bad hair day                                  12.70%
  10. A bad outfit day                                8.47%



We all experience cloud 9NINE feelings and being healthy has a lot do with it! All 9NINE products have natural benefits derived from the Super Seeds in each bar, and opting for the healthier choice no longer means sacrificing on taste. Choosing the right foods that make you feel good and enable you to stretch your adventure boundaries are part of what 9NINE stands for.


9NINE has spent a lot of time looking at the benefits of seeds, what they offer and how they can improve moods; for example, research shows that magnesium improves mindfulness which could in turn lead to an elevated mood. Key ingredients in 9NINE products include:


Magnesium – restores mindfulness with good energy

Fibre – boosts your body with good digestion

Copper – activates your immune system

Phosphorous – looks after your mental energy

Vitamin E – gets your skin glowing

Thiamin – gets the best energy out of your food

Potassium – gives your heart the love it deserves

Manganese – maintains strength through healthy bones

Calcium – keeps the balance with happy hormones

Zinc – gives a natural immune boost

Protein – an essential building block for a balanced life

Iron – keeps oxygen moving around the body


– ENDS –



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Notes to editors:


For more further information and media interviews please

contact: Siobhan Connor at Connor PR on 07966 177025 or email:



About 9NINE

9NINE products are handmade in a craft bakery in the beautiful Vale of Llangollen in North Wales. Their unique blend of Super Seeds are a favourite for people leading healthy lifestyles and they have just unveiled some brand-new packaging, and several exciting new products including:


Super Seed Fusions which have been created for sprinkling and sharing and come in three fabulous street food flavours – Spanish Patatas Bravas, Argentinian Chimichurri and Indian Mango Kuchela.


Seed Bombes which come in packs of three pop-in-your-mouth-on-the-go convenient little bundles of Super Seeds mixed with double cocoa. They aim to drive value into the indulgent treats and confectionery category, and flavours include Coconut, Raspberry and Vanilla.


Since launching over 10 years ago, 9NINE Super Seed bars have rapidly grown to become the most widely distributed mixed seed bar in the UK. The 16-variety strong range is currently stocked at major retailers including Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Morrisons, W.H Smith, E.H Booths, McColls and Holland & Barrett, as well as independent retailers nationwide. 9Brand Foods will be rolling out to a number of high street convenience retail chains throughout spring/summer 2017. 9Brand Foods is a subsidiary of Wholebake Ltd. Visit:



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Whicker’s World Foundation launches new documentary awards at Sheffield Doc Fest

Whicker’s World Foundation launches new documentary

awards at Sheffield Doc Fest


  • Three awards worth a total of £100,000

  • Supporting authored storytelling in the UK

  • First winners to be announced at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016


Sunday 7th June at Sheffield Doc/Fest: the new Whicker’s World Foundation, whose principle aim is to give a much needed fillip to authored documentary storytelling in the UK, today launches three new documentary filmmaker awards worth a total of £100,000 for the promotion of curiosity in programme making, generously funded by a legacy left by the celebrated broadcast journalist Alan Whicker, who died in 2013. Details of the Whicker’s World Foundation and the awards will be announced by filmmaker Kim Longinotto at a special event at Doc/Fest, following the screening of Whicker’s World: Conflict in Kentucky.


Alan Whicker interviewing Cassius Clay

Says Mark Atkin, Acting Festival Director, Sheffield Doc/Fest: “I am very enthused that this foundation aims to encourage authored documentary at a time when TV is becoming increasingly formatted and when most foundations have requirements to promote social issues. This is exactly what the industry needs right now”.


The three awards – the Funding Award (worth £80,000 / £10,000 runner up) to a debut filmmaker under 30 years of age; the Recognition Award (worth £4,000 / £1,000 runner up) to the finest industry newcomer aged 50 years of age or over; and the Best Audio Documentary (worth £4,000 / £1,000) to be awarded at the In The Dark audio festival, also part of Doc/Fest – will be looking for a spirit of inquisitiveness that will leave the viewer wanting more, and tell something new and unexpected about the world.


Alan Whicker with Papa Doc


The panel of judges, chaired by Valerie Kleeman, photographer, programme consultant and Whicker’s partner for more than 40 years, will also be looking for projects that are playful with how the story is told, either breaking new ground, or taking a familiar path to come up with a new style.


The Alan Whicker Foundation consultant, top ranking international TV executive Jane Mote, says: “Whicker’s World opened my eyes to the most amazing stories, people and places. Alan’s unique style and sharp wit was inspirational and I am so excited to be part of creating a Foundation to nurture the future trailblazers for international documentary film-making”.


Jane Ray, the Consultant Artistic Director for the Foundation is a multi-award winning documentary maker and executive producer in radio and television with a journalistic background and nearly 28 years’ service at the BBC. Her awards range from the Sony Award for best news programme (2002) and the TRIC award for best children’s programme (1993) to China’s Golden Kapok award for best director (2014). She worked with Alan throughout the 90s on various projects for radio. She also wrote and directed Radio 4’s archive programme about Alan: Around the World in 80 Years, presented by Michael Palin.


The first award winners will be announced by the Whicker’s World Foundation at the Sheffield Doc/Fest Award Ceremony, which will take place on the final day of the 2016 festival.




For further information for Whicker’s World Foundation contact:

Siobhan Connor

+ 44 (0) 7966 177025


For further information for Sheffield Doc/Fest contact:

Sarah Harvey Publicity

+44 (0) 207 232 2812

+44 (0) 7958 597426


Sarah Harvey

Nikki Cummins

Joe Bond



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About Doc/Fest:

Sheffield Doc/Fest is the UK’s premier documentary and digital media festival. It is the place to see world and UK premieres of the best creative documentaries from the cinema, television and online arenas, and to hear from and meet filmmakers at Q&A sessions. Highlights of the film programme are honoured with an award programme including the Sheffield Grand Jury, Innovation, Environmental, Interactive, Youth Jury, Inspiration, Student Doc, Short Form and Audience Awards. In 2014, 3,263 full festival pass holders attended the Festival and it attracted over 26,700 members of the film-loving public.

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2015 takes place from 5-10 June


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CMYUK puts Shrewsbury on the wide-format map with strategic move to tailor-made premises

CMYUK puts Shrewsbury on the wide-format map with

strategic move to tailor-made premises




Strategic and diligent planning, plus the logistics behind the most suitable location from which to service its growing customer base, has led to the creation by CMYUK of its state-of-the-art showroom, training and demonstration facility in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. The Mayor of Shrewsbury, Councillor Mrs Beverley Baker, was in attendance at the official opening ceremony held on 25 February 2015, where she joined by EFI’s Ken Hanulec, VP Inkjet Solutions, and Paul Cripps, Managing Director of EMEA, who flew in from overseas. They joined local companies and display production specialists who all played a major role in the development and creation of the new premises for the UK’s leading wide-format distributor.


The new showroom and demonstration facility has been tailor-made to accommodate a broad range of EFI, VUTEk and Mimaki wide-format printers, and Zünd cutting systems in a lay-out that enables visitors to ascertain exactly which technology is right for their application and business needs. Each machine is positioned to simplify access to, and viewing of, every part of a job’s work-flow so that customers can establish exactly how the equipment will function in their own premises.


CMYUK’s decision to base its showroom and demonstration centre, complemented by full training facilities, in Shrewsbury was the culmination of the need to match a variety of criteria all of which were crucial to the company’s ability to serve its growing customer base from the best location. Communication links to and from the north, south and west of the country have become increasingly important as businesses outside the east, south east and London regions, already served by CMYUK’s southern office, need a reliable and knowledgeable sales, service and technical channel.

Easy access to key parts of the UK make Shropshire’s second largest town an excellent choice logistically, with its good rail and road links boosted by the fact that CMYUK’s new premises is only an hour away from Birmingham and Manchester. With direct and remote communications increasingly playing a vital role in today’s businesses, particularly when investing in new technology, the wide-format specialist supplier believes strongly that its new Shrewbury base offers an efficient, well-connected hub that serves the entire country, to the benefit of all new and existing customers.

Robin East, Director of CMYUK, states: “Shrewsbury is growing exponentially as a centre for technologically based enterprises and to be part of this thriving business community now means that we can expand and increase our sales and support network throughout the UK.”

As the UK’s principal distributor of EFI wide-format and VUTEk printers plus Fiery end-to-end productivity software, CMYUK has been instrumental in driving the growth in digital printing technology throughout the display production, sign-making and commercial print markets. The company is also a prolific supplier of products from the Mimaki portfolio as well as Zünd cutting tables, and now covers all budgetary and production needs. For more than a decade the company has been involved in sales and support for a vast range of businesses, ranging from small enterprises through to major production houses that want to benefit from the adoption of ink-jet’s versatility for interior and exterior applications.


For further information please contact Robin East at CMYUK on, telephone +44 1743 810000 or +44 7739 518477.

CMYUK Demo & Training Centre: Unit 3B, Vanguard Way, Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury, SY1 3TG


‘The Only Way Is Essex’ TV Star Ferne McCann to launch St Nicholas Bar and Spa in Shrewsbury

‘The Only Way Is Essex’ TV Star Ferne McCann  to launch St Nicholas Café, Bar and Spa in Shrewsbury, Shropshire


Ferne McCann, star of ITV2 show TOWIE, will officially launch the opening of St Nicholas Café, Bar and Spa on Tuesday 13th May.


Ferne joined the BAFTA-winning TV show in 2013 and became an instant hit with the press and public. Since joining the show Ferne has impressed with her refreshingly honest personality, humour and feisty ways. She’s a stunning and stylish addition to the show who doesn’t hold back with her opinions.


Ferne’s fashion is also gaining her recognition – she launched Ferne With Lasula in December 2013 and her second collection has recently been released.


Ferne kicked off 2014 as the new face of Caprice’s lingerie collection ‘By Caprice‘ and later in the year she will be going back to her hair styling roots and releasing a new hair colour range.


Shrewsbury’s Tootsies Beauty Retreat owners, Stephanie and Ben Smith, are the team behind Shrewsbury’s first Moroccan inspired Day Spa.


Located in the heart of Shrewsbury within an old converted church, St Nicholas dates back to 1865. Their philosophy fuses ancient expertise with modern innovation. A concept echoed throughout the contemporary Spa, bringing together the hugely beneficial rituals of Moroccan wellness and grooming, including Hammam, Rhassoul and Salt-Infused Steam Room experiences, with scientific advances in skin care and products to deliver tangible results.


Stephanie Smith said: “We’re delighted to have Ferne open St Nicholas, she’s fun, fashionable and is a great ambassador”.


St Nicholas Spa will be using the famous La Sultane de Saba range – a concept based on the ancient and precious beauty ritual of oriental women, which is transmitted from mother to daughter and from generation to generation. Through its authentic and original products, its thousands of flavours and colours, La Sultane de Saba has the vocation to make you dream and let you travel, discovering faraway horizons, towards the lands of the sun, where body and spirit come back to the essence of relaxation and wellness.


Stephanine Smith, Director of St Nicholas said: “We chose La Sultane de Saba not only for the quality of products and treatments but as a brand that clearly stood apart as offering something truly different and remarkable. Providing memorable experiences and a place where people wanted to return to was really important for us”.


La Sultane de Saba brings age-old remedies back to life. A combination of high-quality, pure, natural ingredients, which harness the powers of plants and spices, are used alongside specialist techniques to create exceptional treatments that heal mind and body. Therapists at St Nicholas Spa have been trained to mix and blend these recipes to offer customised treatments to suit individual needs. La Sultane de Saba products are made using rare and precious essences. The products are free from parabens, not tested on animals and do not contain any animal ingredients. All products adhere to strict laboratory testing.


In addition to the luxury spa, St Nicholas boasts a newly-renovated café offering a range of drinks and a host of delicious food. There are also various options available for private hire – it is the perfect location for any even from birthdays and weddings to corporate parties or christenings.




Media Information


St Nicholas, 24 Castle Street, Shrewsbury, SY12BQ, Shropshire



Media enquiries or to arrange a press trip: / Tel 07966 177025

Photos from the event are available on request


It’s time to say down with cute and up with cool! Rockabye-Baby!

It’s time to say down with cute and up with cool!

this kid rocks TEEDRESSES 3 older girlslightning  SLEEPSUITrockbyeababy_199484

With such a fresh and welcomed approach to dressing kids, it’s no wonder Rockabye-Baby has been selected to showcase its clothes at House of Fraser’s POP at HOF – a pop-up at the flagship Oxford Street store. Following a competition organised by The Great Retail Revival Foundation, Rockabye-Baby was one of just ten small businesses selected from nearly 200 of the UK’s hottest new retailers in a sales event offering the winner a year’s concession at the store. Tattinger is sponsoring the event and people who buy any POP at HOF brands get a free glass of champagne!


Rockabye-Baby has a refreshing attitude and a motto to match – don’t give into mainstream cute. Owner and founder, Emma Parkes-McQueen, believes kids should be able to dress as individually as they think – scrap those stereotypes; crush those clichés. This bright and funky range of luxury cotton clothes for children up to the age of eight look fantastic, have a musical theme and are even packed in 10-inch record sleeves.


This great new brand has been given the chance to shout out to a wider audience – so whether the kids like a whiter shade of pale or a slightly purple haze, Rockabye-Baby has something to suit. Head to House of Fraser, Oxford Street, between Monday 12 May and Monday 26 May to get some of the latest fashion must-haves for kids.





Notes to editors:

Owner and founder of Rockabye-Baby Emma Parkes-McQueen is available for interview.

For all media enquiries please contact     Tel 07966 177025

Following a competition organised by The Great Retail Revival Foundation, Rockabye-Baby was chosen as one the UK’s hottest new retailers to showcase its clothes at House of Fraser’s POP at HOF – a pop-up at the flagship Oxford Street store. The winner secures a year’s concession at the store. Tattinger is sponsoring the event and people who buy any POP at HOF brands get a free glass of champagne.



Twitter: : @RockabyeBabyLDN

@gr8retail #popathof @houseoffraser



KIDS Rock Out competition

Go into The House of Fraser Store on Oxford Street, London

Try on a Rockabye-Baby Item of Clothing

Show us your best Rock Moves and Rock Out

Take a pic, send it in to our FaceBook page in a private message with the little rockers name and email address

We will announce one winner on Sunday May 18th and another on Monday May 26th May

There will be two prizes2 x £100 vouchers each week.


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Managing MIL perfect reading for families getting through Christmas and the New Year

Managing MIL FULL COVER HR (2)Managing MIL book launchDaily Mirrorsunday mirror cover (2)sunday mirror MIL (2) Daily TelegraphShropshire StarMarie Claire










Publishing specialist Connor PR started working with Kay Rink, author of Managing MIL: You and your Mother-in-Law – for better, or for worse?
Essential reading for Daughters-in-Law, Peridot Press in October 2013
Here’s some of the press we achieved…still more to come out in January!

Daily Telegraph
Independent online – lifestyle
Female First
ITV Daybreak
December 23rd, talking about the stresses of Christmas
TV – The Daily Edition – Australia
Shropshire Star
BBC World Service
Marie Claire
Book People
Daily Mirror
The Women’s Room Blog


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