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Prepare for palpitating, edge-of-your-seat suspense as Salt Film Releasing presents psychological thriller and British feature, Welcome To Curiosity, arriving in selected UK cinemas and heading to DVD and Digital HD across the UK and Ireland from Friday 8th June.

With a stellar ensemble cast, the British indie film was shot in Cornwall and set in the fictional English town of Curiosity. It stars Richard Blackwood (Eastenders, Outside Bet, The Guvnors), Stephen Marcus (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), Amrita Acharia (Game of Thrones, The Good Karma Hospital), Cristian Solimeno (Rush, Love, Footballer’s Wives), Jack Ashton (Call the Midwife, Endeavour, Four Seasons) and Kacey Clarke (The Inbetweeners, Blood Orange).


Welcome To Curiosity explores four parallel storylines with the fates of five key characters unwittingly and sometimes fatally intertwined; a heist gone wrong, a serial killer on the rampage, a lunatic missing from the asylum, a vulnerable girl mixed up with a predatory man and a salesman with a vivid imagination. All with just one thing in common; an insatiable curiosity which may ultimately cost them their lives.

The story begins with the news that psychotic mass-murderer, Lee Hunting, has escaped from a psychatric unit. DS Binon is assigned to track the killer down and sets about a full scale man-hunt.

Arch-nemesis Fordy (Richard Blackwood) and Dexter (Cristian Solimeno) are commissioned by Dexter’s ex-father-in-law to carry out an armed robbery. Having pulled the heist off successfully, Fordy and his gang double-cross Dexter and a firefight ensues injuring Dexter’s right hand man, Al (Eke Chukwu). Dexter and Al escape with the £6 million haul and hide out on a rural farm, taking its owners Martine (Kacey Clarke) and her brother Thomas (Christopher Rithin) hostage. Events soon take a turn for the worse and the unlikely group go on the run as Dexter tries to flee the country.

Zoe (Amrita Acharia) is a young runaway who meets the dangerous and violent Sean (Jack Ashton) at a roadside cafe. The deadly duo embark upon a journey of lust and vengence with tragic consequences.

Elliott (Finn Corney) is young newspaper boy with an inquisitive mind. With the news of a serial killer on the loose in his rural village, Elliott becomes convinced the killer is local gardener, Stubbs (Brian Croucher) and sets out to investigate. But as the net closes in on the killer, will Elliott find out the truth and live to tell the tale?

Struggling beer salesman Tim (Gary Grant) is frustrated and disillusioned by life, which takes him on the road six days a week. He’s also deeply resentful of his boss. By chance, he picks up a hitchhiker who takes him on a wild and precarious journey through the seedier side of life. Events take a surreal and sinister turn for the worse and Tim soon realises his life is changed forever.

Directed by Ben Pickering (The Smoke), with screenplay by Darren Ripley (The Smoke, The Gatekeeper), Welcome To Curiosity is produced by Shooting Tiger Pictures and Taffy Boy Films. Cinematography is by Bruce Melhuish (The Glass Man, I Made This For You) with production design by Hannah Howell. Award-winning music composers, Luke Corradine and Stewart Dugdale are on board, producing a captivating original music score.

Director, Ben Pickering, said: “The film was originally written to be set in the rural United States but various reasons filming there was impractical for us. One of the challenges of bringing it to life on this side of the Atlantic was preserving that quirkiness. Rather than setting it in a town we all know, we created this fictional town of Curiosity where everything just isn’t quite right.”

“We considered shooting the film in Wales (where I grew up) and in secluded rural parts of Hertfordshire, even finding locations in both. And then one day while out with my kids, we stumbled across this vintage American diner called Mimi’s, parked up in an industrial estate near St Austell in Cornwall. It was so completely out of place, I took it as a sign.”

“So we moved the production down to Cornwall, using local cast and crew wherever we could and shipping in everything else. For a low-budget film seeking to punch above its weight, with aerial sequences and firefights, it was an enormous logistical challenge.”

Star, Richard Blackwood, who plays the villain Fordy, added: “We shot the movie before I started EastEnders and it’s coming out just after I’ve finished, which is great. As happens a lot with low-budget British movies, it can take a long time to hit the screens, there so much involved in making these things happen that people don’t see.”

“It’s the closest thing to Pulp Fiction because it’s an amalgamation of different stories intertwining.”

“My character Fordy is basically everyone’s nightmare. He’s borderline psychopathic and will take almost anyone out who gets in his way. But he does it with humour and a smile.”


Welcome To Curiosity hit the headlines in 2014 as the world’s first ever equity-based crowdfunded film through online investor platform, Many independently produced films have since gone on to use this equity-based model, which enables investors to own a stake in the film and its profits. Welcome To Curiosity was the first in the world to pioneer this route.

Before landing in the UK, Welcome To Curiosity will also be released in selected cinemas across North America on Friday 25 May. The UK premiere will take place in London’s Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square on Monday 4 June, attended by cast and crew who will participate in a Q&A following the screening.




Running time: 94 mins approx.

BBFC Cert 15

Watch the trailer:

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Editors notes:


About Salt Film Releasing

Salt Film Releasing is an all rights UK distributor. Part of the Tiger Lane Group of companies (whose subsidiaries include Shooting Tiger Pictures and Taffy Boy Films), it was established in 2017 to fill a gap in the distribution market for low-budget (less than £500,000 budget) UK British films struggling to gain distribution. WELCOME TO CURIOSITY is Salt’s first UK release, hitting UK cinema screens, DVD shelves and VOD platforms in June 2018. It will be followed by 10-12 releases per year, drawn from the best of the 60% of British films made for under £500,000 each year but which struggle to secure distribution.


About Shooting Tiger Pictures

Shooting Tiger Pictures is a London-based film and television production company run by Welsh film producer-director Ben Pickering. It develops low-to-medium budget British films for the domestic and international market as well as television projects in collaboration with Taffy Boy Films and others. It also offers production services through its parent company Jericho Lane. Shooting Tiger’s first feature, WELCOME TO CURIOSITY, will be released in selected cinemas, on DVD and on VOD in the UK, US and Canada in June 2018.


About Taffy Boy Films

Taffy Boy Films is a Wales-based film and television production company. Headed by writer-director Darren Ripley (writer of UK features THE SMOKE and WELCOME TO CURIOSITY), it develops film and television projects often with a crime theme. Following the release of WELCOME TO CURIOSITY in June 2018 in the UK, US and Canada, it will shortly begin production of the comedy TAFF’S GOLD directed by Ripley and produced by Shooting Tiger Pictures’ Ben Pickering.

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When was the last time you really played?

  • Play matters, whatever your age, so why don’t we do more of it as adults?

  • Super Seed brand 9NINE is creating The Playground – a playground for adults – in London Fields from 29–30 July 2017

  • One-hour slots allow people to play on giant swings, see-saws and other playground favourites

  • The free event will raise awareness of how play evokes happiness and well-being


All work and no play makes for a dull, grey, drag of a day. Super Seed brand 9Nine understands that healthy eating is just one part of a happy well-rounded day, so in addition to their 9NINE bars, Seed Fusions and Seed Bombes, they decided to throw a playground for adults into the mix!


The Playground will be set up in London Fields on 29 and 30 July.



The concept of Play is nothing new – it has helped to form the society we live in today and provides anticipation, pleasure, imagination, social interaction, surprise, fun, liberty and laughter, and that’s just for starters. Playing is good for our mental health as well as our physical well-being, but we seem to stop buying into it once we reach adulthood.


We need to step back from the screens, get up from the chairs and remember why we loved that fun, silly, creative Play so much as a child. 9NINE Marketing Director, Kerry Collinge, says “Happiness is at the heart of our brand and while we feel we have nailed the nutritional side of things, we wanted to do something that gave physical presence to a topic that we believe needs more column inches. Play is in our DNA – we’re simply bringing the right tools to the table!”

On 29–30 July, 9Nine is taking over London Fields for their adult-only Playground experience. “We’re talking giant slides, jumbo swings and super-sized see-saws” says Collinge. In addition to the Playground itself, there will be DJs, refreshments and 9NINE snacks. She continues, “In a world where our actions are usually dictated by what we have to do, we wanted to provide a place where people could come and let go and feel happy and free without any stress or rules”. We never lose the capacity to Play, we shouldn’t let age be a barrier.


Once described as ‘The most interesting and innovative experimental psychologist in the world today’, Professor of Psychology, Richard Wiseman at the University of Hertfordshire says, “This is a great opportunity for adults to find their inner child! Research shows that being playful makes us happier, more open-minded, gets the creative juices flowing, helps us bond together and can even help those suffering from depression. Humans are hardwired to play, and this doesn’t stop in childhood. It’s great to see 9NINE championing lifelong playfulness; every adult could benefit from an afternoon in a giant playground!”



While the event is free, it will generate donations that will be given to Play England and Hackney Play, and invested into Hackney play initiatives.



We all experience cloud 9NINE feelings and being healthy has a lot do with it! All 9NINE products have natural benefits derived from the Super Seeds in each bar, and opting for the healthier choice no longer means sacrificing on taste. Choosing the right foods that make you feel good and enable you to stretch your adventure boundaries are part of what 9NINE stands for.


9NINE has spent a lot of time looking at the benefits of seeds, what they offer and how they can improve moods; for example, research shows that magnesium improves mindfulness which could in turn lead to an elevated mood. Key ingredients in 9NINE products include:


Magnesium – restores mindfulness with good energy

Fibre – boosts your body with good digestion

Copper – activates your immune system

Phosphorous – looks after your mental energy

Vitamin E – gets your skin glowing

Thiamin – gets the best energy out of your food

Potassium – gives your heart the love it deserves

Manganese – maintains strength through healthy bones

Calcium – keeps the balance with happy hormones

Zinc – gives a natural immune boost

Protein – an essential building block for a balanced life

Iron – keeps oxygen moving around the body


“Being outdoors, active, socialising, having fun and playing… what’s not to love about the idea of an adult playground. Working with 9NINE, I know how they always put well-being at the forefront of their product development and I just love the idea of doing something out in the community that mirrors the way they think. It’s going to be a great event – see you there!”

9NINE Brand Ambassador, Professor Greg Whyte OBE



The 9NINE Playground *Age restriction for main playground entry (18+)

London Fields (West Side, London E8 3EU – opposite the entrance to the lido)

Friday: Press and VIP Day 4pm – 7pm Please email if you wish to attend this

Saturday: 11am – 10pm

Sunday: 11am – 9pm

For more information visit: www.


You’re Never Too Old for a Playground



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#PlayOn #9NINE #9NINEFeeling



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About 9NINE

9NINE products are handmade in a craft bakery in the beautiful Vale of Llangollen in North Wales. Their unique blend of Super Seeds are a favourite for people leading healthy lifestyles and they have just unveiled some brand-new packaging, and several exciting new products including:


Super Seed Fusions which have been created for sprinkling and sharing and come in three fabulous street food flavours – Spanish Patatas Bravas, Argentinian Chimichurri and Indian Mango Kuchela.


Seed Bombes which come in packs of three pop-in-your-mouth-on-the-go convenient little bundles of Super Seeds mixed with double cocoa. They aim to drive value into the indulgent treats and confectionery category, and flavours include Coconut, Raspberry and Vanilla.


Since launching over 10 years ago, 9NINE Super Seed bars have rapidly grown to become the most widely distributed mixed seed bar in the UK. The 16-variety strong range is currently stocked at major retailers including Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Morrisons, W.H Smith, E.H Booths, McColls and Holland & Barrett, as well as independent retailers nationwide. 9Brand Foods will be rolling out to a number of high street convenience retail chains throughout spring/summer 2017. 9Brand Foods is a subsidiary of Wholebake Ltd. Visit:



Play England

Play England’s vision is for England to be a country where everybody can fully enjoy their right to play throughout their childhood and teenage years, as set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Article 31 and the Charter for Children’s Play.

To achieve this vision, we aim to ensure that:


All children and young people have the freedom — time, space, permission and opportunity — to play throughout their childhood and teenage years. All residential neighbourhoods are child-friendly places where children and young people can regularly play outside; and everyone is aware of the importance of play — outdoors and indoors — as part of children and young people’s daily lives.


Hackney Play Association

Hackney Play Association is a local charity that aims to improve children and young people’s health, well-being and quality of life, through play.

Our vision is for Hackney to be a child-friendly borough, in which all children and young people have access to a range of high quality, inclusive play opportunities in their locality.

We believe that play is vital for children and young people’s health and wellbeing, particularly for children facing barriers due to poverty, disability, gender and race.


Connor PR working with Super Seed Brand 9NINE, Connor PR and adult playground in London, play





Your Home from Home…

Offering local farm to table, Modern British classics in a casual yet charming space to wine and dine, work, relax and celebrate

Directors Luke Jenkins, Mark Davies, Danielle DiTella, Ann DiTella, Deputy Mayor of Shrewsbury Councillor Ioan Jones

The team behind Porterhouse.SY1 have announced the launch of The Loopy Shrew, a restaurant and wine bar with boutique rooms; offering locally sourced seasonal food, fine wines and local beer and ales.

This new venture is headed up by entrepreneur Danielle DiTella, business partner Luke Jenkins, Executive Chef Daniel Smith, Ann DiTella and Partner Mark Davies, all working together alongside an amazing team transforming The Bellstone into a new and exciting venue that showcases their love of all things food and drink.

IMG_2299_300_301_302_303_fused - Copy

The official launch party was held last night and the evening was used to showcase what The Loopy Shrew has to offer. Tastings of the new menu, samples of the wine list and viewing opportunities of the refurbished hotel rooms, meeting and private dining areas were on offer. The Loopy Shrew will be open for business from today.

LA-born and Shropshire bred Danielle DiTella has gained a wealth of restaurant experience. Through the years herself and the DiTella family have made a name for themselves opening the current Porterhouse.SY1 and formerly owned the very popular and busy The Mytton and Mermaid, Mad Jack’s and Cromwells.



Danielle said: “We love Shrewsbury; what it has become and especially its future potential. The vision of our new venture is to be a hub of Shrewsbury activity, supportive of all things local, quality, fresh and sustainable. There’s been lot of recent debate over the pronunciation of Shrewsbury V Shrowsbury which has always made us smile and in turn inspired the name of our new venture, alongside the beautiful loop of the river that encircles our quirky, original and vibrant town. THE LOOPY SHREW



The restaurant will be opening during the day and evening, seven days a week for breakfast, coffees, lunch and dinner. There is space for up 80+ covers and facilities for private dining, celebrations, meetings and large parties as well as an outside terrace.


Danielle added: “We will make sure our customers feel welcome at any time of day, whether it’s to have a breakfast meeting, quick coffee and cake, after-work drinks or to indulge themselves in a an evening of fine wines and great good. We’ll be offering Host your Roast on Sundays and alongside our main menu a host of sharing dishes and boards. Luke, myself and the whole team can’t wait to welcoming our regulars, local businesses, friends and family and look forward to meeting our new neighbours and customers”.




The Loopy Shrew

Wine Bar, Restaurant, Boutique Rooms

15/17 Bellstone, Shrewsbury SY1 1HU


Media enquiries

Please contact Siobhan at Connor PR

Tel 07966 177025



Sad day, Loaded magazine to close after 21 years, happy memories of working on the Loaded Lafta’s PR campaign

Loaded magazine to close after 21 years

I ran the PR campaign for the Loaded Laftas and have many happy memories of working on the magazine.

Once one of the leading titles in a booming lads mag sector, it hit print sales of 350,000 in 2000

Loaded, one of the titles synonymous with the mid-1990s lads’ mag boom, is to close after 21 years.

The last issue of the monthly magazine, which launched in 1994, is the April edition which is on sale now.

“As of the current April issue, published on March 26th, Loaded will cease to trade as a printed magazine,” the magazine’s publisher said in a statement. “We would like to pay tribute to our customers, staff and especially our contributors and editorial team”.

Loaded was once one of the the leading titles in a booming lads magazine sector, with sales of 350,000 in 2000.

In recent years the rise of the internet has seen sales plummet, circulation stood at about 35,000 in 2011, the last officially audited figures available for the title.

The magazine is owned by Simian Publishing, a company set up in 2013 for Loaded’s management to take control of the title.

The magazine has had a troubled recent history with four owners in three years and a brief period where it was put in to administration.

Simian acquired the title from Paul Baxendale-Walker, a multi-millionaire businessman who occasionally directs and stars in his own pornographic films, who owned it through Blue Publishing which went in to administration.


Baxendale-Walker acquired it in 2012 from Cooper Young, the administrators appointed to handle the sale of the magazine after parent company Vitality Publishing ran up a bill of £1m to creditors.

Vitality had acquired Loaded, gay lifestyle title Attitude, Superbike, horoscope title Prediction and Hair magazine from IPC Media, now Time Inc UK, in 2010.

In 2009, Bauer closed men’s monthly Arena after 22 years.

In the same year Dennis Publishing closed the print edition of Maxim after 14 years.

Last year, Time Inc shut Nuts, the weekly that along with arch-rival Zoo shook up the men’s magazine market a decade ago.

CMYUK puts Shrewsbury on the wide-format map with strategic move to tailor-made premises

CMYUK puts Shrewsbury on the wide-format map with

strategic move to tailor-made premises




Strategic and diligent planning, plus the logistics behind the most suitable location from which to service its growing customer base, has led to the creation by CMYUK of its state-of-the-art showroom, training and demonstration facility in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. The Mayor of Shrewsbury, Councillor Mrs Beverley Baker, was in attendance at the official opening ceremony held on 25 February 2015, where she joined by EFI’s Ken Hanulec, VP Inkjet Solutions, and Paul Cripps, Managing Director of EMEA, who flew in from overseas. They joined local companies and display production specialists who all played a major role in the development and creation of the new premises for the UK’s leading wide-format distributor.


The new showroom and demonstration facility has been tailor-made to accommodate a broad range of EFI, VUTEk and Mimaki wide-format printers, and Zünd cutting systems in a lay-out that enables visitors to ascertain exactly which technology is right for their application and business needs. Each machine is positioned to simplify access to, and viewing of, every part of a job’s work-flow so that customers can establish exactly how the equipment will function in their own premises.


CMYUK’s decision to base its showroom and demonstration centre, complemented by full training facilities, in Shrewsbury was the culmination of the need to match a variety of criteria all of which were crucial to the company’s ability to serve its growing customer base from the best location. Communication links to and from the north, south and west of the country have become increasingly important as businesses outside the east, south east and London regions, already served by CMYUK’s southern office, need a reliable and knowledgeable sales, service and technical channel.

Easy access to key parts of the UK make Shropshire’s second largest town an excellent choice logistically, with its good rail and road links boosted by the fact that CMYUK’s new premises is only an hour away from Birmingham and Manchester. With direct and remote communications increasingly playing a vital role in today’s businesses, particularly when investing in new technology, the wide-format specialist supplier believes strongly that its new Shrewbury base offers an efficient, well-connected hub that serves the entire country, to the benefit of all new and existing customers.

Robin East, Director of CMYUK, states: “Shrewsbury is growing exponentially as a centre for technologically based enterprises and to be part of this thriving business community now means that we can expand and increase our sales and support network throughout the UK.”

As the UK’s principal distributor of EFI wide-format and VUTEk printers plus Fiery end-to-end productivity software, CMYUK has been instrumental in driving the growth in digital printing technology throughout the display production, sign-making and commercial print markets. The company is also a prolific supplier of products from the Mimaki portfolio as well as Zünd cutting tables, and now covers all budgetary and production needs. For more than a decade the company has been involved in sales and support for a vast range of businesses, ranging from small enterprises through to major production houses that want to benefit from the adoption of ink-jet’s versatility for interior and exterior applications.


For further information please contact Robin East at CMYUK on, telephone +44 1743 810000 or +44 7739 518477.

CMYUK Demo & Training Centre: Unit 3B, Vanguard Way, Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury, SY1 3TG


Shrewsbury School Charity Fashion Show raises £3000 for charity

I was asked to compere the annual Shrewsbury School Charity Fashion Show which took place a few weeks ago. Organised entirely by A level students at Shrewsbury School and now in its 6th year, the show raised £3000  for Brain Tumour UK and Ethiopiad which is a fantastic achievement. I also met the fabulous Jeans Woods Since  who you may recognise after her appearance on Channel 4’s Fabulous Fashionistas, a documentary about stylish older women.£3000-raised-charity-catwalk


Shrewsbury school10710838_10204346353597033_50457092689192949_n




‘The Only Way Is Essex’ TV Star Ferne McCann to launch St Nicholas Bar and Spa in Shrewsbury

‘The Only Way Is Essex’ TV Star Ferne McCann  to launch St Nicholas Café, Bar and Spa in Shrewsbury, Shropshire


Ferne McCann, star of ITV2 show TOWIE, will officially launch the opening of St Nicholas Café, Bar and Spa on Tuesday 13th May.


Ferne joined the BAFTA-winning TV show in 2013 and became an instant hit with the press and public. Since joining the show Ferne has impressed with her refreshingly honest personality, humour and feisty ways. She’s a stunning and stylish addition to the show who doesn’t hold back with her opinions.


Ferne’s fashion is also gaining her recognition – she launched Ferne With Lasula in December 2013 and her second collection has recently been released.


Ferne kicked off 2014 as the new face of Caprice’s lingerie collection ‘By Caprice‘ and later in the year she will be going back to her hair styling roots and releasing a new hair colour range.


Shrewsbury’s Tootsies Beauty Retreat owners, Stephanie and Ben Smith, are the team behind Shrewsbury’s first Moroccan inspired Day Spa.


Located in the heart of Shrewsbury within an old converted church, St Nicholas dates back to 1865. Their philosophy fuses ancient expertise with modern innovation. A concept echoed throughout the contemporary Spa, bringing together the hugely beneficial rituals of Moroccan wellness and grooming, including Hammam, Rhassoul and Salt-Infused Steam Room experiences, with scientific advances in skin care and products to deliver tangible results.


Stephanie Smith said: “We’re delighted to have Ferne open St Nicholas, she’s fun, fashionable and is a great ambassador”.


St Nicholas Spa will be using the famous La Sultane de Saba range – a concept based on the ancient and precious beauty ritual of oriental women, which is transmitted from mother to daughter and from generation to generation. Through its authentic and original products, its thousands of flavours and colours, La Sultane de Saba has the vocation to make you dream and let you travel, discovering faraway horizons, towards the lands of the sun, where body and spirit come back to the essence of relaxation and wellness.


Stephanine Smith, Director of St Nicholas said: “We chose La Sultane de Saba not only for the quality of products and treatments but as a brand that clearly stood apart as offering something truly different and remarkable. Providing memorable experiences and a place where people wanted to return to was really important for us”.


La Sultane de Saba brings age-old remedies back to life. A combination of high-quality, pure, natural ingredients, which harness the powers of plants and spices, are used alongside specialist techniques to create exceptional treatments that heal mind and body. Therapists at St Nicholas Spa have been trained to mix and blend these recipes to offer customised treatments to suit individual needs. La Sultane de Saba products are made using rare and precious essences. The products are free from parabens, not tested on animals and do not contain any animal ingredients. All products adhere to strict laboratory testing.


In addition to the luxury spa, St Nicholas boasts a newly-renovated café offering a range of drinks and a host of delicious food. There are also various options available for private hire – it is the perfect location for any even from birthdays and weddings to corporate parties or christenings.




Media Information


St Nicholas, 24 Castle Street, Shrewsbury, SY12BQ, Shropshire



Media enquiries or to arrange a press trip: / Tel 07966 177025

Photos from the event are available on request


It’s time to say down with cute and up with cool! Rockabye-Baby!

It’s time to say down with cute and up with cool!

this kid rocks TEEDRESSES 3 older girlslightning  SLEEPSUITrockbyeababy_199484

With such a fresh and welcomed approach to dressing kids, it’s no wonder Rockabye-Baby has been selected to showcase its clothes at House of Fraser’s POP at HOF – a pop-up at the flagship Oxford Street store. Following a competition organised by The Great Retail Revival Foundation, Rockabye-Baby was one of just ten small businesses selected from nearly 200 of the UK’s hottest new retailers in a sales event offering the winner a year’s concession at the store. Tattinger is sponsoring the event and people who buy any POP at HOF brands get a free glass of champagne!


Rockabye-Baby has a refreshing attitude and a motto to match – don’t give into mainstream cute. Owner and founder, Emma Parkes-McQueen, believes kids should be able to dress as individually as they think – scrap those stereotypes; crush those clichés. This bright and funky range of luxury cotton clothes for children up to the age of eight look fantastic, have a musical theme and are even packed in 10-inch record sleeves.


This great new brand has been given the chance to shout out to a wider audience – so whether the kids like a whiter shade of pale or a slightly purple haze, Rockabye-Baby has something to suit. Head to House of Fraser, Oxford Street, between Monday 12 May and Monday 26 May to get some of the latest fashion must-haves for kids.





Notes to editors:

Owner and founder of Rockabye-Baby Emma Parkes-McQueen is available for interview.

For all media enquiries please contact     Tel 07966 177025

Following a competition organised by The Great Retail Revival Foundation, Rockabye-Baby was chosen as one the UK’s hottest new retailers to showcase its clothes at House of Fraser’s POP at HOF – a pop-up at the flagship Oxford Street store. The winner secures a year’s concession at the store. Tattinger is sponsoring the event and people who buy any POP at HOF brands get a free glass of champagne.



Twitter: : @RockabyeBabyLDN

@gr8retail #popathof @houseoffraser



KIDS Rock Out competition

Go into The House of Fraser Store on Oxford Street, London

Try on a Rockabye-Baby Item of Clothing

Show us your best Rock Moves and Rock Out

Take a pic, send it in to our FaceBook page in a private message with the little rockers name and email address

We will announce one winner on Sunday May 18th and another on Monday May 26th May

There will be two prizes2 x £100 vouchers each week.


Connor PR expert in baby fashion PR, Connor PR expert in fashion PR, Connor PR working with popathof, Connor PR working with the great retail revival