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Whicker’s World Foundation launches new grant for New York-based Chicken & Egg Pictures

Whicker’s World Foundation launches new grant for New York-based Chicken & Egg Pictures

  • Whicker’s World Foundation is expanding its reach to help ensure that more women enter the profession.
  • Chicken & Egg Pictures supports women non-fiction filmmakers whose artful and innovative storytelling catalyses social change.
  • Submissions for existing Whicker’s World Foundation Awards 2017 are being accepted.

Whicker’s World Foundation launches a new bursary for New York-based Chicken & Egg Pictures, to help fulfil their mission to increase the number of women documentary makers introduced into the industry pipeline.
Whicker’s World Foundation—set up to fund a new generation of documentary makers—is expanding its reach to help ensure that more women enter the profession. The Foundation, which awards one of the biggest cash prizes in documentary production (£80,000 to an individual) has created an additional annual £10,000 grant for Chicken & Egg Pictures’ Accelerator Lab program.


Accelerator Lab, open to applicants from around the world, provides first- and second-time women filmmakers with a $35,000 grant, a year-long creative support program with participation in three one-week labs (all expenses covered), mentorship catered to each individual and her project, and opportunities for networking with industry professionals and the filmmaker community. As Jenni Wolfson, Executive Director of Chicken & Egg Pictures, said about the program, “We don’t simply support films, we foster careers. This holistic approach is the key to successfully supporting women filmmakers.”


The New York-based organisation’s strategy uniquely aligns with Whicker’s World’s continued efforts to broaden the world of documentary. Announcing the new annual award, Alan Whicker’s lifelong partner and founder of the Foundation Valerie Kleeman said: “Alan wanted his legacy to help documentary makers the world over.  He was ahead of time in his enthusiasm and support for the female perspective in his own filmmaking.  At the Whicker’s World Foundation, we want to be sure that there is equal opportunity for men and women in documentary and I have been impressed by the fact that Chicken & Egg Pictures give to women when they most need it. I feel sure that funding at an early stage will make a huge difference to women in this industry.”

The Foundation is kicking off its support with a grant towards Assia Boundaoui’s participation in the Accelerator Lab program for The Feeling of Being Watched, an exploration of the FBI’s pre-9/11 counterterrorism activities in the filmmaker’s Arab-American neighbourhood outside of Chicago.

“We are so excited about this highly topical project and hope our support will help ‘accelerate’ Assia’s film towards receiving more funding and making the most powerful film she can. Last year, only one in five of our finalists for our main funding award was a woman. We hope the Whicker’s World grant to the Accelerator Lab will widen the base of would-be applicants,” said Jane Ray, Artistic Director of Whicker’s World Foundation.

Not the first time the two organisations crossed paths in the world of documentary, the Foundation previously made an ad-hoc payment of £5,000 to another Chicken & Egg Pictures grantee, Hana Mire, who is developing Rajada Dalka (Nation’s Hope), the working title of a film about Somalia’s women’s national basketball team.

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About Whicker’s World Foundation


Whicker’s World Foundation was set up in 2015 and gives one of documentary’s biggest cash prizes (£80,000) to an authored documentary-maker every year and £15,000 to the runner up. Entries for the main WWF Funding award close on February 14th 2017.


Applications for the Radio & Audio Funding Award close 28th February 2017

Applications for the 2017 Audio Recognition Award close 14th February 2017

Applications for the 2017 Sage Awards close 14th February 2017


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Chicken & Egg Pictures
Chicken & Egg Pictures supports women non-fiction filmmakers whose artful and innovative storytelling catalyzes social change.


For more information, visit or contact Cindy Choung, External Relations Manager, Chicken & Egg Pictures, at


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Connor PR working with our favourite TV Bear

Sooty returns to TV at the age of 65 in bid to attract new generation of fans with Sunday morning show.

  • Glove puppet has been entertaining children since 1952
  • Harry Corbett bought him from a novelty shop in Blackpool
  • Richard Cadell, 44, took over the show in 1999
  • Says Sooty works because it is ‘old-fashioned slapstick humour’

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Connor PR celebrating Sooty’s 65th Birthday

*** Richard Cadell is available for interview in connection with Sooty turning 65***

  • He might be turning 65 this month but Sooty has no intention of hanging up his magic wand just yet! 
  • With the current series of the Sooty Show riding high for CITV, he has just finished filming a new series at his home in the village of Brean,  Somerset and has no plans to retire when he gets his bus pass on 19th July.
Sooty on his 65th birthday

Sooty on his 65th birthday

Amy Childs joins Sooty

Amy Childs joins Sooty

The perfect poster boy for the government’s drive to keep the nation working for longer, Sooty looks as good today as he did 65 years ago when Harry Corbett bought him for the princely sum of 7s6d on Blackpool’s North Pier.

His current show is CITV’s most popular pre-school show and with a new clothing range in the pipeline and a whole host of celebrities including Joe Pasquale, Amy Childs and Caroline Quentin lined up to appear alongside him, the little bear shows no signs of slowing down now that he has reached the age of retirement.

Unfortunately Sooty didn’t return our calls (although we did receive a few silent messages earlier in the week), but we did manage to speak to his current business partner Richard Cadell who stars alongside him in the Sooty Show “I don’t know where he gets his energy from.  I suppose in Teddy Bear years he is only 5 and having spent a lot of time with him lately filming the new series I think that’s probably an accurate reflection of his true age.”

“He just can’t help himself when it comes to practical jokes, only this morning I found him hiding one of Sweep’s bones in Soo’s bed and there’s never a day goes by when I don’t get caught out by a flying custard pie or squirt from his water pistol.  I guess that must be his secret, he’ll always be young at heart!”

True to form, Sooty has a packed summer ahead of him with residences at Butlins, Pontins and Cadbury World, after which he’ll begin rehearsals for his hugely popular live Christmas show in London’s West End.

For more information please contact Siobhan at Connor PR / Tel 07966 177025


Notes to editors:

The Sooty Show transmits weekdays on Citv at 9.10 am


The new series starts in September on itv 1 Sunday mornings and Citv.