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Connor PR working with Mark Williams-Thomas

Connor PR working with child protection expert Mark William-Thomas on Exposure: ‘Predators Abroad’


Wednesday 2nd October, ITV, 22.35pm

One year after exposing the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, child protection expert Mark Williams-Thomas has gone undercover in a new documentary, Exposure: Predators Abroad, in a bid to unveil British child sex offenders who are travelling abroad to prey on vulnerable youngsters.


Mark Williams-Thomas is available for comment and interview.

Around the world an estimated 2 million children are exploited in the sex industry.

Among the offenders are British paedophiles – but no one knows how many. In 2008 authorities in the UK vowed to get tough with these travelling child sex offenders.


But five years later Exposure reveals Britain is struggling to crackdown on child sex tourism. Former detective Mark Williams-Thomas travels to Cambodia for his first major investigation following last year’s multi award-winning Exposure programme, ‘The Other Side of Jimmy Savile’.


Williams-Thomas goes undercover in Phnom Penh to expose the sickening trade in children for sex. Posing as a British child sex tourist, he meets men who want to supply two girls for $800 – just over £500. The girls are just 9 and 10.
Williams-Thomas also investigates the so-called ‘new sex tourism’, which involves paedophiles accessing children by way of teaching, setting up orphanages and volunteer work.


The programme features contributions from experts in the field, including Bharti Patel from the charity End Child Prostitution, Pornography and Trafficking or ECPAT.
She tells the programme: “Prosecution of child sex offenders abroad is dismally low in this country and that is probably the most worrying thing and it also sends out the signal that British sex offenders can get away with committing this and not be prosecuted. So more needs to be done.”
The programme was made with the help of Action Pour Les Enfants, an organisation that carries out surveillance operations on suspected paedophiles in Cambodia and helps police secure prosecutions. Shocking footage, never broadcast before, shows British paedophiles with their young victims.
Cambodian police are currently involved in an ongoing operation as a result of information supplied by this programme.

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