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Connor PR working with FAMI procedure




Pioneering technique FAMI™ is storming the world

of plastic surgery

  • World-renowned surgeon Dr Roger Amar specialises in facelifts without surgery
  • Dr. Amar’s FAMI technique has provided rare longevity in rejuvenation procedures through the use of injected stem cells into the core of a patient’s muscle
  • The procedure has been described as ‘state-of-the-art’ in cosmetic surgery
  • FAMI can be accomplished without the need of a scalpel, rejuvenating all the structures of the face: bone, muscles and skin without any visible scars
  • The outpatient three hour procedure can last for virtually indefinitely


As we reach a certain age, a youthful appearance creeps up higher on our beauty wish list. However, not everyone has the inclination to go under the surgeon’s knife. But now there is an alternative – Facial Autologous Muscular Injection (FAMI™) – which has transformed the way physicians approach non-invasive facial rejuvenation by offering a unique alternative to the traditional facelift, without scars, general anaesthesia or even a scalpel.


Using his expertise and experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery and aesthetic medicine, Dr. Amar has spent the last 17 years developing one of today’s most sophisticated, advanced and innovative fat-grafting techniques for facial reconstruction, reshaping and rejuvenation with minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Amar named this new fat-grafting technique the FAMI™ – focusing on the use of cellular grafts using autologous adult stem cells, with proven long-lasting results


Based on a deep surgical knowledge and understanding of the human anatomy, FAMI™ represents a complex surgical procedure, while appearing simple and easy to understand to the patient.


The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia. During the procedure, the adult stem cells are extracted with fatty tissue through gentle liposuction before being separated and purified in a centrifuge. Dr. Amar uses his specially designed and patented cannulaes to graft the autologous adult stem cells into specific areas of the muscle and bone surfaces. FAMI™ corrects, rejuvenates and restores the shape and the contours of the face, achieving the results of a traditional facelift without the need for incisions or sutures.


Dr Amar said: “After 25 years of private practice in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, I was listening to my patients asking for more non-surgical face-lifting. My best results and the best of my international masters were never to be perfect. Scars, deformities, asymmetries and an unnatural look have been the signature of invasive procedure for rejuvenation. Why? Because the cause of the aging process, the loss of facial contour, were never treated at first. My patients wanted new procedures and to be left scarless! Thanks to them, I developed the FAMI™  technique to rejuvenate and offer them the most natural facelift without scalpel, without scars.”


Dr Amar knew that the sagging skin, dropping and/or emaciated faces that made people look old were not only caused by loss of muscle mass, but also loss of bone structure due to aging or disease. He came to the conclusion that the main problem in fat grafting procedures was the lack of vascularization and, consequently, that in order to get what they needed, the stem cells needed to be injected into the most vascularized tissue – the muscle, as well as under the periosteum. This would restore vascular bonds between skin, muscle and bone, giving the person undergoing the procedure back their natural youthful and healthy look – turning back time.


After more than 2,500 muscle injections from 1996 to 2002, and after 15 years of follow-up research, FAMI, without a doubt, offers the best solution to the very old problem of graft longevity: long-lasting successful and symmetrical results that have attracted hundreds of surgeons from all over the world to learn the ‘Amar technique’.


FAMI™ is much safer than standard open surgery that risks damage to arteries, veins, nerves and other facial structure. It provides an organic alternative to the unpredictability of traditional cosmetic remedies. FAMI™ is the first Technique in the world to insert safely stromal vascular fraction of the Fat (SVF) into the 30 facial expression muscles.




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Dr Roger Amar

Plastic Surgeon & FAMI™ founder


A native of France, Dr. Roger Amar is a plastic surgeon based in London and Marbella, Spain. Since 1997, Dr. Amar’s FAMI technique has provided rare longevity and predictability in rejuvenation procedures through the use of purified adult stem cells, injected into the core of a patient’s muscle. FAMI approach represents a dramatic departure from the classical concept of fat injection, which has been the common solution for facial rejuvenation efforts, offering little permanence or predictability. In 2001 Dr Amar extended his concepts to restoration of Bone surfaces, muscle and fat atrophy and created the new registered FAMI technique called Fat Autografting Muscle Injection. Using an extensive knowledge of human anatomy and proprietary instruments designed specifically for the procedure, Dr. Amar has perfected the FAMI approach through the use of a patient’s own mesenchymal stem cells. Extracted from a patient and purified in a custom-designed centrifuge, these cells are then introduced back into the patient’s body through a deep, cellular graft. Providing an organic alternative to traditional means of adding needed volume, FAMI avoids synthetic fillers in favor of harnessing the healing power of the human body to add volume in a safe, effective and permanent manner.


FAMI can be accomplished without the need of a scalpel, rejuvenating all the structures of the face: bone, muscles and skin without any visible scars.

Dr. Amar has spent over a decade perfecting the FAMI technique through intensive research and real-world application of the FAMI technique, using mesenchymal “stem cells” to spur natural growth and volume. Areas of proven growth include the facial muscle system, bone surfaces and edges and along the jaw line, tightening the complex network of nerves and vessles that make up the face. Dr Amar has taught his method to more than 500 scholars all over the world, including US, Argentina, France and Germany.

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