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“The Brave Make”

The Diamond Engagement Ring and Jewellery Made by You for The One

46 Piccadilly, London


The future of diamond jewellery shopping is unveiled this week, as leading retailer, VASHI, opens the doors to its eagerly anticipated concept store in Central London’s Piccadilly. Set across 1500 square feet and two floors, the disruptive new retail concept has turned the traditional jewellery retail model on its head by putting the customer centre-stage for the first ever deeply experiential proposition. Unlike existing diamond retailers, VASHI’s customers are encouraged to get truly hands-on creating their own rings and other jewellery with diamonds of exceptional brilliance and quality but at price levels substantially below equivalent Bond St and even High St pricing.


“By establishing our first concept store, we want to make you the heroes and heroines, the stars of the show, fully immersed in the incredible and hidden world of diamond jewellery, whether for the love of your life or for yourself – the whole experience is about you, not about us”, explains diamond expert Vashi Dominguez, Founder and CEO of the business established as an online retailer over 10 years ago.

“We are all about helping you to recreate the sort of raw, intense and pure emotion and overwhelming love that brought tears of joy to your parents’ eyes as you proudly presented your first love letter to them, drawn at school – a drawing that was of course treasured for life”.

The extent of the VASHI revolution is immediately clear. Its vibrant windows on Piccadilly showcase the magic and dramatic theatre of diamond craftspeople – the Alchemists – at work right alongside customers in a startlingly modern and disruptive store. The store design is unlike anything in the jewellery sector, with an incredibly engaging story line – even the door handle is crafted from exquisite kimberlite, the birthplace of diamonds deep within the Earth’s crust. Conventional practices are bravely debunked, with diamonds openly on display and accessible to customers instead of locked away behind glass. The atmosphere is disarmingly relaxed and friendly.


Vashi Diamonds, 46 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 25 September 2017

“We don’t really want to sell you what is on display – we always prefer you to handpick your own diamond, to play with them while you choose the one that appeals most to you, match this with your favourite setting – or even design it from scratch – and then put your own heart into making your ring, with us as your support crew”, commented Vashi Dominguez.

“Try doing that with existing retailers”, he added.


The VASHI Journey

A team of resident ‘Guardian Angels’1 and ‘Alchemists’2 are on hand to take you through the full sensory experience of “The Brave Make”3 . After honing in on a design and creating a digital mood-board, you get hands-on with dazzling three billion year-old diamonds, every one of which has been specifically selected for its exceptional brilliance by Vashi himself, until you find the perfect one for them.

Then it’s off into the amazing underworld of the VASHI diamond lab, where you sit right alongside your personal Alchemist at their bench as the Alchemist sets to work with state-of-the-art lasers, chemicals and flames to melt and form precious metal to encase your diamond. You are invited to roll up your sleeves and take part in the creation of your ring, polishing and setting your diamond yourself. Every step on your journey to creating this unique ring is captured as a personalised film to share on social, and as an impressive coffee table book to be shared with your loved ones.

Vashi Dominguez concluded: “I love you, I made this for you” will always win over “I love you, I bought this for you” because you have invested heart and soul into creating your own unique and very intimate symbol of your love”.

VASHI is located at 46 Piccadilly and is open 7 days a week.

Instagram @vashiuk



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Siobhan Connor +44 7966 177025

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Editor’s Notes



Vashi is a leading diamond jewellery multi channel retailer. Based in London but selling worldwide as, the business has grown rapidly over the past 10 years by focussing on on-line customisation of jewellery with diamonds of exceptional brilliance but at accessible pricing. In 2017, Vashi has intensified its special fully-immersive approach to personalisation, opening a ground-breaking concept store at 46 Piccadilly in London, where customers get directly involved hands-on in creating their jewellery, from selecting their own diamond all the way through to setting the gem with the help of the resident Alchemists. Vashi also operates a popup store at 13 Grafton St, just off London’s Bond St. 

1 About The Guardian Angels

The ultimate wingmen and wingwomen for the purchase experience. Vashi Guardian Angels are there to offer a guiding light to the customer, The Hero, taking them through the choices, akin to a personal shopper.


2 About The Alchemist

The Alchemist is the ultra-skilled magician behind the craft that is personalised jewellery – their excellence of craft can bring any idea to life, creating the ultimate expression of love.


3 About The Brave Make

The overarching marketing creative for VASHI focusses on a robust new brand identity: “The Brave Make” and “The One”. Each of these battle cries targets the notion that a gift into which you have invested real personal effort and thought will always trump a comparable gift bought off the shelf, whatever the price.



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My Soul Space – Shrewsbury’s only dedicated Hot Yoga Studio launches teacher training courses in the new year


My Soul Space – Shrewsbury’s only dedicated

Hot Yoga Studio launches teacher training courses in the new year

My Soul Space studio 1

My Soul Space – Shrewsbury’s only dedicated yoga studio will be rolling out a series of teacher training courses in the new year.


The yoga studio headed up by experienced local teacher Emma Burton will be proving opportunities for people to become yoga instructors.


My Soul Space offers classes six days a week for men, women, young and old in Hot Yoga, Facial Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Olit Yoga, Yoga for Teenagers, Pregnancy Yoga and Yoga for Men. Hot Yoga provides a host of physical and mental benefits such as weight loss, back, neck and shoulder pain relief, healing and the prevention of sports injuries, easing depression, anxiety and stress and increasing fitness and stamina.


With their team of six inspirational and uplifting yoga instructors, the studio will be offering opportunities to practising yogi. The courses starting in February 2015 are provided over five days. My Soul Space is offering a Teen Yoga course which will train to teach yoga and mindfulness to 11-18 yr olds. It is now taught in several continents across the world and will run from 16th February to 20th February 2015, 9:30am to 5pm.


The course has been constructed with the help of specialist adolescent Neuroscientists, Anatomists, Psychologists and Yoga Teachers. Teen Yoga Training is registered RYSC with Yoga Alliance UK, demonstrating that the studio has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance UK as a sign of highest standard.


Charlotta Martinus launched this course for the first time in 2004 in response to the growing need to care for our young people and give them respite from stress and anxiety. This course is unique, as the only fully fledged, Yoga Alliance accredited and insured teen yoga course in the UK working together with Leeds University Psychology Dept, to measure outcomes of the mindfulness and yoga on young people added to the actual experiential research to help support and structure the training course.


The course comes with a detailed and comprehensive manual, with plenty of practical lesson plans and ideas for you to use. In this manual you will find a detailed list of the benefits of yoga and a list of suitable postures for this particular age group, targeting specific issues. There is a special section on behaviour management.


This course qualifies you as a Level 3 Coach, within the Sports Partnership as well as qualifies you to access funding through Sportivate for your classes.


This Hot Yoga conversion qualification is for existing yoga teachers with a 200 hour or equivalent qualification wishing to qualify to teach this very popular Hot Yoga form. The course takes place over a five days from 9th March to 13th March 2015, 10:15am to 5:15pm and will be taught by Jozef Wiewel.


My Soul Space studio


The course is made up of the following three modules:


  • Teaching in the Hot environment: Health and Safety considerations, physiological response to the heat, modifications and adaptations for different bodies, access and inclusion.


  • The Hot Posture Series: Posture Sequencing, how to teach, what to teach and why are we teaching it?


  • How to set up hot yoga classes, and the requirements of setting up a hot yoga studio.


Each module is made up of a mixture of written and practical work. The course is based around the classic 26 posture Hot Series, plus how to develop the sequence practically and professionally.


My Soul Space is a way of life. It is yoga from the inside out. It brings benefits both to the body and mind. Everyone is welcome: from beginners to experienced yogi. The instructors reach out to everyone in the class to support new-comers whilst continuing to challenge more experienced yogi.


Emma Burton fell in love with yoga in her first class. Whilst learning her new practice that day she was inspired by a lady in her 80’s balancing on one leg looking serene. Totally in awe of how she felt after the class and what she had observed, she became fascinated by this practise, travelling the world to discover all she could. Following her own journey she naturally fell into teaching, training in Australia & Switzerland.

With nearly 20 years of practising Yoga and over 14 years of teaching yoga. Yoga has helped her through the arrival of her two gorgeous boys, motherhood and much more. Emma has created My Soul Space for others to start their journey and reep the benefits of Hot Yoga and alike.


Notes to editors:

Visit them at

Join the conversation


Contact or Emma Burton on Tel: 01743 387087 for further information or to book.


My Soul Space

2 Sweetlake Business Park

Mercian Close




(Opposite the Nuffield hospital)


Emma Burton is available for interview.


For further information, please contact

Tel 07966 177025